Towards an agile and self directed organization

Finnish Minimalist Leadership Program

Finnish Minimalist Leadership Program is a set of trainings meant for organizations that want to build an agile, innovative and continuously learning company that enhances self-leadership, engagement, and motivation. 

Minimalist Leadership Program includes training and coaching for different parties/ various needs: 

  • Consulting and coaching for top management and executive boards 
  • Finnish Minimalist Leadership – training process for managers 
  • Self-managing teams 
  • Self-leadership and future working skills for employees. 

Special offer

Training process for future leaders

We offer a comprehensive training program for managers who want to strengthen their employees’ motivation and self-leadership. The training process includes theory, exercises, and group discussions and it is actualized as livestream online training (e.g. Teams, Zoom, Gotowebinar):

  • Four training sessions à 2 hrs:
    • leading employee’s self management
    • leading self-managing teams
    • leading continuous improvement
    • leading trust and psychological safety
  • Kick-off and wrap up session à 1 hrs
  • Applying course content into daily work during the whole process
  • Independent work (e.g. home assignments and pair/group meetings)
  • Option for coaching and/or 360 -measurement
  • Max. 60 participants 

Finnish Minimalist Leadership – training program for managers for 16.800 €.

Contents of the training program

Finnish Minimalist Leadership is a training program for as many as 60 managers working in your company. The training process includes one-hour kick-off and wrap up meetings and four training sessions, 2 hours each. 

The goal for the kick-off session is to give participants a sneak-peek into Minimalist Leadership and the opportunity to reflect their own management style. 

  • Elements of successful organizations in the new world 
  • Why Finnish Minimalist Leadership?
  • Me as a leader – strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement

FIrst training module

Leading self-management

As a result of this training the participants will: 

  1. understand where intrinsic motivation and self-leadership derive from and how to support these
  2. learn practical methods for coaching leadership

The following topics will be covered:

  • Where does self-leadership derive from and how does it work?
  • Leading employees’ intrinsic motivation and enhancing their sense of agency: autonomy, competence, and relatedness
  • Empowering leadership style: coaching questions and active listening

Second training module

Leading self-managing teams

After this training the participants will: 

  1. understand different structures and modes of operation to support self-leadership
  2. learn different ways to lead self-managing teams and
  3. learn tools for developing co-leadership

The following topics will be covered:

  • What does self-leadership mean and how it can be enhanced
  • Supporting co-leadership: focusing on strengths, knowing what people want to learn and defining roles accordingly
  • Leading self-management: co-leadership in everyday work and supporting engagement
  • Tools for self-managing teams (for example Delegation Board)

Third training module

Leading continuous improvement

As a result of this training the participants will:

  1. understand different perspectives on improvement
  2. know how to build a company culture that enhances common and shared goals. 
  3. know how to create processes for Experimentation-Driven Development

The following topics will be covered:

  • the ambidextrous organization, lean thinking, and strategic innovations
  • the rationale, process, and mindset for Experimentation-Driven Development
  • prerequisites for continuous improvement and experimentation culture on the organisational, managerial and individual level 

Fourth training module

Leading trust and psychological safety

As a result of this training the participants will:

  1. understand the role of trust and psychological safety in relation to self-leadership and ability to change
  2. can locate strengths and weaknesses in the corporate culture with regards to psychological safety, and
  3. know how to strengthen trust and a psychologically safe working environment 

The following topics will be covered:

  • role of trust in self-leadership
  • psychological safety as a prerequisite for an evolving workplace
  • key factors that challenge a psychologically safe environment
  • tools for creating a safe environment and strengthening trust

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