remote training for knowledge workers

Frictionless remote work

The remote training is targeted for knowledge workers working regularly in a remote environment. The goal of the training is to provide participants with concrete tools for effective and pleasant remote work. The duration of the real-time training is 60-90 minutes and it covers the following topics:

  • How to function effectively without a shared physical space?
  • Smart habits for remote work: the importance of routines, work planning and prioritization, tackling procrastination
  • Communication and rules in distributed teams
  • How to ensure intimacy and humanity in remote communication and meetings?

The training includes a survey conducted for the participants in beforehand. Thus you will receive the newest information about how remote work is currently perceived in your organization.

specific information from your employees

Survey on remote work

A compact and anonymous survey is conducted prior to the Frictionless remote work training, where participants are asked to share their experiences of remote work. We are also collecting qualitative data about the unexpected advantages and challenges concerning remote work.

Answering the 12 questions of the survey will take only few minutes. Based on the surveys conducted so far the findings have been extremely informative and useful.

The survey is safe when it comes to data privacy since no personal or confidential information is collected.

new tools for everyday work

Tools for your organization

Frictionless remote work training is targeted for organizations and teams, and it is modified according to your organization´s specific needs. We will choose the right online tools based on your needs, e.g. Slack, Teams, Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting.

The training is provided in real-time by two coaches using several devices to ensure that the experience will be as enjoyable as possible.

The training provides a compact package of tools with the duration of only 60-90 minutes, thus ensuring that the energy level will remain high during the whole webinar. The session can also be recorded for further usage within your organization.

Sami Paju

expert on modern organizations

Your coach: Sami Paju

Sami Paju (BBA, MSc) is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, lean change agent, and an expert in innovation management and organization design. He is the co-author of Experimentation Manual (Kehitä Kokeillen in Finnish), and a contributing author in a 2017 compilation on self-directedness (Itseohjautuvuus: miten organisoitua tulevaisuudessa? in Finnish).

The traditional way of seeing organizations as mechanistic systems is incomplete and insufficient in the modern, rapidly changing and complex environment. According to Sami, in order to survive and thrive, organizations should be approached as living and continuously adapting systems.

Sami’s main focus areas are lean and agile organization development, change management, and smart work habits, tools and techniques in modern high-intensity knowledge work. Sami has done all of his university studies in English and worked previously in multinational IT projects. He has also lived abroad in Malaysia and South Korea.

Joonas Kiminki

Expert on remote communication and it

Your coach: Joonas Kiminki

Joonas Kiminki (M.Sc. Economics) is the CEO of Filosofian Akatemia. Before this he was a founder and CEO in an international IT-company which has given him insight and experience of the need for change digitalisation has brought for organisations.

This change is often too slow and unnecessarily painful, and according to Joonas this is why organizations need the know-how of Filosofian Akatemia.

Even if we had artificial intelligence, VR-meetings and care robots, the change must be shaped for humans with humans.

Joonas has a curious and constructive approach to matters makes people see chances in places where they have not been seen before.

remote training and survey

Your investment

Remote training with two expert coaches 3 200 € 2 400 € + VAT 24%. The price includes a preparatory meeting in which the content of the training is modified according to your organization´s needs. In addition, we will conduct a compact and simple survey prior to the training, in order to study participants´current experiences of remote work.

The training can also be recorded for further usage within your organization without additional cost.

Upon request we aim to provide the training on short notice, approximately 1-2 weeks from your request.

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