tools for improving resilience in the changing environment

Resilience and living in change

Would you like to offer your organization the tools to cope with stress caused by change? Do you wish to improve your organization´s ability to meet the demands of the rapidly changing market environment?

This remote training is targeted for your organization if you wish to improve resilience and ability to cope with change. As a result of the training your employees will understand why change causes stress and how to manage that stress in a constructive way. You will receive tips on how to improve the ability of your organization to remain resilient in the changing environment.

adaptability and peace of mind

How to succeed in change

Tools for living in change are now more important than ever. The rapidly changing environment demands from organizations continuous adaptability and resilience.

This training will provide participants with tools and methods such as reframing and anticipation which help us calm down in changing situations.

Methods for positive communication are emphasized in the training, since trust and effective communication are the key to success in change.

Content of the training

Participants will learn:

  • To replace poor routines and adopt new ones
  • To adapt rapidly and effectively to the changing environment
  • To lead from human perspective in changing situations

The main topics of the training:

  • Which principles direct change in the human mind?
  • What is the psychological cost of change?
  • How to change established routines? 

Methods provided in the training

Methods for anticipation allow us to be psychologically prepared for changing situations. They allow us to clarify what to expect from and how to react to change, as well as how to minimize the psychological cost of changing situations.

Methods for reacting to change include different techniques based on cognitive-behavioural theory, such as reframing. In the training this method is used in the form of a ”best and worst scenario” exercise. These methods allow us to observe things from a larger perspective and not to be stuck in our own imagination.

Methods for executing change are methods that focus on changing the action of ourselves and those around us. These methods allow us to increase our motivation to change as well as to develop effective routines that guarantee that change actually happens.

Your coach: Reima Launonen

Reima Launonen (M.Soc.Sc) is experienced, popular and easily approachable coach specialized in intrinsic motivation, work wellbeing, self organized teams and emotional intelligence.

He is known for his unique way of combining scientific research with concrete everyday examples from real life. Reima aims to share his knowledge in a way that it is easily adopted to daily work.

Reima wants to build worklife where individuals feel strong sense of meaningfulness and where employees are active in continuously developing organization, practices and processes as well as their own work.

He is focused on researching how intrinsic motivation and drive can be managed in organizations.

Tapani Riekki

Your coach: Tapani Riekki

Tapani Riekki (Ph.D. Psych) is specialized in social and cognitive neuroscience, decision making and executive functions of the brain.

His mission is to help people understand how the mind functions so that they can work smarter. Tapani trains leaders to understand why individuals behave the way they do and strives to create understanding for what kind of development tools actually help in working life and enable us to improve and do better.

Tapani is the head analyst for Academy of Philosophy´s Draivi measurement tool and is responsible for its development.

Your investment

The duration of the training is two hours. The training can be done by using your organization´s online tools such as Teams or Zoom, or tools provided by Academy of Philosophy, with no additional cost. The training can be recorded for further usage within your organization.

The training is currently offered for  3 200 € 2 200 € + VAT 24%. 

Upon request we aim to provide the training on short notice, approximately 1-2 weeks from your request.

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