A remote training program for employees and managers

Successful remote organization

Does you organisation need help when changing into new ways of working?

Filosofian Akatemia has studied the future of work for several years. We have helped hundreds of organizations in remodelling organizational structure, practices and working culture to meet and exceed the demands of the constantly changing market environment. Due to the current changes in the world, this suddenly became more relevant for organizations than ever.

We developed a remote training program which provides your organization with the tools that you need in order to succeed in the changing environment.

The training program consists of five different modules:

Successful organisations have to be flexible, self-organised, brave and genuinely caring in the future.

five weeks, five practical programs

Remote training program

The training program consists of five different modules, each of which has three remote sessions. The length of a session is one hour. We recommend having the sessions every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, thus giving the program a total length of five weeks.

The training is developed for both employees and managers. The last module is specifically targeted for managers and team leaders. Maximum amount of participants in the training is 60 people, and depending on the organization we might recommend a smaller group size. The training can also be offered for individual teams.

The modules of the training are: Self-leadership skill, Working in a remote team, Unity and team spirit in a remote team, Technology and tools for remote work and Leadership in a remote environment.

Tools for successfull self-leadership

1.  Self-leadership skills

  • Taking care of oneself and increasing productivity
    • Smart remote work habits and supporting concentration
    • Rest and recovery during work days for increased focus and creativity
  • Prioritisation and work planning
    • Focus on the impact
    • Tools and practices for planning of work 
  • Reflection and continuous improvement
    • Personal work experiments and continuous development
    • Structures that support reflection and improvement of one´s own work

How to work efficiently as a team while working remotely

2. Working in a remote team

  • Effective communication
    • Communication: what, how and to whom?
    • Communication tools and response times
  • Clear goals and priorities
    • Goals for the common work
    • Prioritizing and planning one’s own work in relation to the common goals
  • Roles and knowledge
    • Tools for clarifying roles and responsibilities
    • Sharing knowledge in distributed teams

Features of high-performing teams

3. Sense of community and team spirit in a remote team

  • Maintaining a safe emotional environment and effective communication
    • Important elements of communication in a remote environment
    • Reinforcing psychological safety and sense of community in remote work
    • Practices that support sense of community in remote meetings and trainings
  • Observing poor dynamics and handling disagreements
    • Typical challenges in dynamics in a remote environment
    • Solving challenging situations
    • Understanding colleagues´ different ways to react
  • Emotional skills in a changing work environment
    • Becoming aware of one’s own ways to react
    • Handling emotions effectively

Tools for effective remote teams and how to make the most of them

4. Technology and tools for remote work

  • Everyday communication
    • Maintaining a continuous shared picture of the team, its members and achievements
    • Tools to maintain a rich communication within the team without interrupting colleagues continuously 
  • Working together
    • How and with which tools to enable working together remotely
    • Tools for giving and receiving feedback and creating shared understanding and ideas together
  • Meetings
    • Tools to be used in effective remote meetings
    • Tools for creating effective practices for weekly meetings as well as for meetings of the management team

This module is provided in cooperation with Antti Kirjavainen from Flowa Oy.

Excellent leadership in remote teams

5. Leadership in a remote environment

  • Coaching leadership style, and supporting employees´ self-leadership
    • Maintaining flow
    • Observing and evaluating employees´ individual skills and needs for support
  • Leading the emotional environment
    • Enabling flexibility according to individual levels of stress and life situations
    • Pressures that managers face in changing situations
    • Observing and fixing poor communication habits
    • Handling tensions between members of a team
  • Leading a remotely working team
    • Reinforcing team spirit and sense of community in a remote team
    • Leading the shared feeling of meaningfulness in a remote environment

A LEap into an effective remote organization in just five weeks

Your investment

Succesful remote organisation -training is ment to be organized as a five-module set. It gives ideas and tools for working in a modern remote knowledge work for one or more teams. Price for the training is 19 900 € + VAT 24 %.

Training can be also organised as individual modules (including 3 one-hour long periods). The price for one module is 4900 € + VAT 24 %.

Upon request we aim to provide the training on short notice, approximately 1-2 weeks from your request.

Your first step toward a future-proof organisation

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